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Come Home To Yourself and Create a Sense of Home in Community

The GOLD Experience is a transformative journey that weaves together the power of the GOLD Album within the nurturing virtual community of the GOLD Lounge. This holistic and immersive experience gifts you strength of capacity and invites you to embody your sovereign power.

Like a favorite mix tape or epic vinyl record!

The journey begins with the GOLD Album, which is a collection of insightful meditations and hypnosis recordings that’s delivered in a healing framework, called the nature’s wisdom clock.

This body of work draws inspiration from nature's wisdom, scientific research, neuroscience, psychology theories, and most of all, from ancient spiritual practices.

Like a favorite mix tape or epic vinyl record, you’ll feel yourself resonate with a sense of thriving and integration, connecting you to your courage, compassion, culture, community, and healing capacity in a new and delightful way.

You are invited to attune to your own harmonies and connect with the creative, benevolent forces that call you back home to yourself again and again.

It is a powerful tool that speaks to conscious changemakers, collective liberation leaders, and compassionate revolutionists—individuals who forge new paths, uplift others, and make a positive impact on the world. This journey supports the reclaiming of your intrinsic wisdom, unique currency, and sustainable success.

The GOLD Experience goes beyond the individual journey; it's about collective liberation.

We recognize the power of community, connection, and accountability support. The Gold Lounge is a virtual container that provides a rejuvenating, fun, and brave space.

A diverse community of conscious changemakers, bloodline purifiers, truth-tellers, graceful leaders, and declared healed ancestors—individuals who share a common desire for liberation, conscious growth, and collective thriving.

The Gold Lounge will be co-led with my incredible sister, Neelam Kassam, a CPA, and transformational equity-centered coach and leader. We will provide you with live calls, coworking sessions and invite in powerful BIPOC speakers, healers, creatives, and wisdom-keepers.

I'm a Yes for The GOLD Experience!

"I just want to say how much I am loving the recordings! I have been listening to it every morning and night, and it's really helping me to be less reactive to life. I wanted to share how much I appreciate you and the work that you do. You have been one of my most impactful teachers, Dr. Natasha, and I am so grateful for getting to work, learn, and be seen by you."


"Dr. Natasha's work and hypnosis have been subtle but profound tools for my growth and transformation. She takes it to a new level by combining an insightful framework and adding meditations to the mix. I've made unexpected connections and had intense insights connecting me to my higher, wiser self and path. I'm more deeply aware of my core values and how I honor them, but I also can see when I don't. I'm learning to renegotiate relationships and choices to live fully to those values. I'm so grateful for her work!"


"While some seasons of my life felt a lot more like wading around in a thick fog, I was able to find my footing again through the light you provided me with to help illuminate my feet on the path. I have gratitude for you and the ways your recordings give me an opportunity to take space for myself, so I can reconnect with my inner peace! So much appreciation for you, Dr. Natasha, and your continual presence."

Embody the Wisdom that your Existence is a Gift.
You Are Pure GOLD.

Join The GOLD Experience


The wisdom of the GOLD Album & the nurturing embrace of the GOLD Lounge

  • The GOLD Album self-paced audio journey and holistic healing framework.
  • LIVE sessions with Dr. Natasha Kassam and/or Neelam Kassam (transformational equity-centered coach and leader). 
  • Co-working sessions for community accountability and support.
  • Guest mentor interviews with world-renowned BIPOC leaders, healers, creatives and wisdom-keepers.
  • Bonuses such as embodiment playlists, journaling prompts, somatic practices, group hypnosis workshops and so much more. 
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Yes, I'm Ready to Join The GOLD Experience!

The GOLD Experience becomes a sanctuary you can return to whenever healing and change-making work feels confusing, arduous, or overwhelming.

The GOLD Experience Overview


Each module inside of The GOLD Album contains an explainer lesson that previews the themes for each phase and short to medium length audio tracks of meditations, including powerful mindfulness practices, visualizations, and guided self-hypnosis. 


It all begins with exploring how to take ownership of your power, and you’ll find that discovery is a huge focus of this phase! In the Seed Phase, you'll be guided inward to explore what new ways of being and possibilities you want to bring forward.

In the Seed Phase, You’ll Discover:

  • The clarity of what your unique core values are to ensure you stay aligned on your conscious-led path.
  • How to take ownership of your focus and energy field.
  • How to soothe your nervous system through creative visualization -normalizing your ability to safely receive nourishment.
  • How to unite with the highest version of yourself and the possibility of your most magnificent dreams.


This is your reclaiming and strengthening phase — you'll be invited to continue inward focus, safely soothe repressed emotions, and reclaim your previously lost lifeforce. You'll be invited to experience peace as you let go of "should" constructs and declare who you are through these embodiments of sovereignty.

In the Root Phase, You’ll Discover:

  • How to compassionately hold space for the wholeness of your emotional expression and ground into your intrinsic worthiness.
  • How to recognize the ways you may have abandoned yourself, and how to reclaim the inheritance of your power.
  • The ways your subconscious tries to bypass or find a loophole to get to fruition.
  • How to create long-lasting shifts by releasing the “fixing” mindset and what no longer serves you.
  • How to invite grace into your conversation with grief for past harms you’ve experienced from yourself and others.


After removing what's in the way of self-acceptance, you are ready to boldly unfurl into your most authentic, joyous, and consciously-expressed version of yourself. This module will help you thrive and radiate your shine from a place of wholeness. The expansion of awareness, courage, commitment, and self-trust you've cultivated fuels forward momentum and tangible wins!

In the Bloom Phase, You’ll Discover:

  • How to unabashedly declare the truth of your knowing and infuse an intentional daily practice.
  • A more profound connection with the sacred earth, benevolent ancestors, and your spiritual support team.
  • How to shift harm into harmony within your bloodline.
  • How to centralize your well-being, thriving, and liberation for yourself.
  • You become a clearing for collective upliftment.


You have dedicated yourself to clarifying desires, clearing out misalignments, and resourcing yourself with joy. Now it's time to share the bounty of our blessings with our communities. This phase is about celebrating over-flowing nourishment and feeding into the collective.

In the Fruit Phase, You’ll Discover:

  • How to embody consciousness, integrity, and reverence with regard to your relationships, particularly your relationship with money.
  • How to establish new relationship contracts, ensuring that all exchanges and partnerships centralize mutual wellness.
  • Tapping into ease by receiving grace and blessings bestowed upon your path by your benevolent spiritual team.
  • Being a part of a collective celebrating their transcendence, opulence, and contributions to positive global change.

The GOLD Experience 

The GOLD Album


Stand Alone Self-Paced Audio Journey

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The GOLD Experience


The GOLD Album & The GOLD Lounge

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We breathe, embody, and are guided by our company core values

  • GOLD: Represents our lineage’s sovereign power to alchemize any situation or circumstance.

    We consciously draw in the essence of boundless grace, compassion, and clarity to infuse our perspectives, solutions, creations, relationships, interactions, and exchanges.

    We cultivate thriving, and that, in turn, uplifts us to transform our capacity, agency, and resourcefulness.
  • Reverence: We remember indigenous wisdom and the importance of seeing sacredness in everything. 

    We actively participate in sacred exchange, treating ourselves and one another with open-hearted trust, respectfulness, and honor. 

    We cherish humanity and are a stand to co-create belonging and gratitude within our communities.

  • Conscious Growth: We believe in growth being a conscious, values-aligned endeavor. So, moment to moment, we connect to the heart of intentions, deepen our alignment to our mission, and expand our impact sourcing from contribution and the greater good. 

    Our growth comes from our being, reflecting, learning, and unlearning at the pace that centralizes our wellness —intentionally liberating and ever-expanding.

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI): We recognize the unique, divine nature within everyone and commit to creating a world where each person can live with joy, freedom, safety, vitality, and thriving. 

    We commit to challenging oppressive systems. We practice non-harm, untethering from the constructs that perpetuate doubt in one’s ability to be their sovereign divine self.

  • Play: We embody our birthright to live, learn and grow from JOY! 

    We honor our ancestors' prayers and wishes by allowing ourselves to receive the blissful energy and blessings they bestow upon us. We're gifted liberation through ease and playfulness. 

    We chose to experience the lightness, fun, magic, and wonder - not taking our business, life, or ourselves too seriously. 

    We stay curious, open, and lighthearted - welcoming awe and delight in each and every moment.

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The GOLD Experience 

The GOLD Album


Stand Alone Self-Paced Audio Journey

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The GOLD Experience


The GOLD Album & The GOLD Lounge

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Curious about what to expect from the GOLD Album before diving in?

Listen to these GOLD Album Bonus Tracks for free:



 Bonus Track

This is your official invitation to release yourself from unconscious replications of harm and self-sabotage, and open up new pathways to liberation.



Bonus Track

Begin to discover the generational patterns of economic disparity and restore financial vibrancy and abundance to your lineage.

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