I believe I’m here to remind you that the key-holder to your liberation, clarity, and inner peace is you!


I’m just a lantern to illuminate and show you what’s been in the way, and to remind you of how worthy, lovable, and powerful you really are.

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I am a stand for you to positively and profoundly transform the trajectory of your life. 


Naturopathic Medicine

Intuitive Development Program Certified

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)



"Dr. Natasha illuminated my health history in a new way, a way that no other general practitioner or Naturopath ever had. She combines her extensive scientific knowledge with intuitive wisdom in a way that revealed my own health story and how to move forward in a more accessible way. I am forever grateful for her dedication to helping me and those that I've highly recommend her to."

~ Emily




I feel honored to have been named one of Portland's Top Doctors and to have served well over 20,000 patient visits as a Naturopathic physician, working in various spheres of medicine.

After completing my Naturopathic doctorate program at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), I completed several years of a residency program. I then went on to found and own a thriving multi-disciplinary wellness center, which I subsequently sold in 2016. I had the incredible opportunity to work for ZOOM+Care, where I helped the healthcare company build and launch their first cutting-edge, innovative performance health center in Portland, Oregon. I also further refined my conventional medical skill set by working for several years in busy, urban, urgent care clinics.

I now dedicate my private practice to offering hypnotherapy and mind-body-spirit focused modalities because I believe this work is the most empowering and transformative for my patient's health and well-being.

Each phase of my path as a physician has provided me with an incredible depth of insight into medical models, patient illnesses, and the realm of preventative medicine. It has been a deep honor to serve in such varied capacities as a doctor; melding and applying clinical science while refining the art of communication, compassion, and connection.

Throughout my practice and personal health journey, I found that alternative modalities have made the most profound, mind-blowing shifts. Rapid transformational therapy (RTT™), energy healing, and specific meditation techniques have upgraded my health and life to unfathomable levels, and it is my deep desire to continue to share these healing modalities to my wonderful patients. I have seen that when a patient understands, respects, and chooses to love their body and mind, it plays an absolutely vital role in their recovery from any illness or dis-ease. It also sets the patient upon an empowered trajectory towards lasting, all-encompassing, wellness.

This work has been the most exhilarating, fulfilling, rewarding, and loving endeavor I have ever taken in my career thus far, and I look forward to being of great service to you as my patient!

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